Earn Points With The YouTube Search Algorithm

For detailed steps on adding a card to your video, follow these official steps from Google, or check out the video below. Video or playlist cards, which link to other YouTube content of this kind. Fan funding to ask your viewers to help support the creation of your video content. If you do choose to write a longer description, keep in mind that YouTube only displays the first two or three lines of text — that amounts to about 100 characters.

However, the more you earn points with the YouTube search algorithm, the more chances you have of reaching the top positions. It considers numerous criteria, rules and calculations to determine ranking, including factors that are independent of your actions—such as user navigation. A YouTube channel that tends to receive a lot of comments and likes also positions itself better than one that doesn’t have good engagement. The platform played an essential role in transforming videos into one of the main content formats, both for consumption and for Digital Marketing.

The highest-ranking YouTube videos for this keyword promise to teach their viewers something new–and, of course, they all include the keyword verbatim. This will help you to find a set of keyword ideas that have a high search volume and low competition to give you the best chance of ranking higher on YouTube. Depending on the video-sharing site you are using, tagging videos with relevant keywords is another way to increase visibility on search results pages. Search bots crawl every piece of text to find the keyword in your video, similar to Google search bots. The video has been viewed over 1.1 million times and has a high rating (4.9/5) from users, which no doubt contributes to its high ranking on the search results pages. A few months ago, I created a short series on WordPress SEO, which ranks #1 on YouTube at the time of writing.

New web videos are being published every day and keeping up with trends is critical. YouTube can be set as a search engine withinGoogle Trendsin order to identify terms that increase in popularity within the video platform. However, Google Trends does not give data on search volumes, but rather an indicator of ‘relative popularity’. To capture YouTube search data, useAhrefs Keyword Explorerthat includes metrics from YouTube search.

For details on how YouTube suggests videos to users, see Search Engine Journal’s guide to the YouTube recommendation algorithm. Learn about YouTube ranking factors and how to optimize for them in this guide to youtube seo checklist with tips ranging from basic to advanced. However, you must have several other marketing channels that can be used to promote videos outside of YouTube and increase your views. By optimizing the title, description and tags of your videos, you will already increase visibility within YouTube itself.

Name your timestamps considering the content of the chapters of your video and the keywords you want these parts to rank for. When you edit your video on YouTube, you can add a list of timestamps and their titles in the Description box of the Add details page. Translate closed captions to have your video found by a wider range of users from different parts of the world. You can use automatic machine translation to do this, or you can translate your CC on your own to avoid misinterpreting due to cultural context. A view is counted if a user has watched at least 30 seconds of a video. A repeated view is counted as a new view, however, multiple views per day from the same user might be treated as spam and not added to the total view count.

This lets the viewers know that they’re in the right place that could potentially solve a problem they’re facing. Perhaps “being in the top 5% of the entire internet” part was a little cheesy, but it’s true . So what can you do get more organic trafficand be in the top 5% of all pages across the entireinternet? For our “SEO mistakes” video, I would guess they want to know what these so-called “mistakes” are and see if they’re affecting their website traffic.

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