Mobile patrols with Urban Security Guards

Contact Dominion Security Services to learn more about our mobile patrol services and to protect your property today. Our security guards will be able to handle all situations and are trained in non-violent crisis resolution and effective de-escalation techniques. Any incidences will be well-documented so that you have a personal record of the event, detailing how the situation arose and how it was handled. This will help you continue to improve your security measures and ensure you’re always ready for anything that might come your way. As a fully registered and licensed security agency, ALPHA Security is committed to offering full service dependable security solutions that make our client feel safe and secured. Region Security Guarding provides a range of security services delivered by a team of trained professionals.

The mobile security patrols London security supervisor will be able to access your grounds with a set of keys given to us by you, to patrol the interior of your property or outbuildings. Alongside this, all doors and windows will be locked and secured in order to avoid any unwanted issues whilst you are away and give you peace of mind that our patrols will keep the premises safe. We offer an unrivalled range of security provisions at Omni Security, including our mobile patrol services.

When you book mobile patrols with Urban Security Guards, we will arrange a detailed meeting with you and a full inspection of your site to develop an entirely customized patrol schedule. At Key Patrol we believe in adding value to our service where possible, without impeding our primary function – security. We can provide a fully managed out of hours service, allowing access to your chosen contractors such as engineers, boarding up services or clients as required. This is an ideal solution for managing agents, Primary Care Trusts, councils or any business with a portfolio of properties. We train our SIA licensed guards to not only act as a visual deterrent but to also be extremely helpful in the early detection of any possible problems, for example windows left open by staff or alarm malfunctions. Any issues will be reported to our 24-hour control room who will assess the issue and advise the guard accordingly.

While we will agree with you on how many times you want us to inspect the building in a given period, we will not set the times of those visits in stone. Far better to perform them randomly throughout the night, in anybody is keeping an eye on the building. Our patrols are randomly timed and high profile to provide a powerful visual deterrent to potential intruders and trespassers. Mobile patrols are a cost-effective way of securing your business up to a high standard and giving you peace of mind.

Our mobile patrol can lock or unlock doors at certain times or make other adjustments that need to be made while you’re not around. The security guards at Dominion will make notes of exactly when they visited your site, how long they were there and what actions were taken so that you’re completely aware of what is going on when you’re not around. There are many news of theft or burglary despite the presence of security personnel in both residential and commercial spaces. This particularly happens when the site is huge or an amalgamation of multiple sites and one static guard is assigned.

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