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We recently had a chance to review Pretty Litter, a cat litter of special interest to owners whose cats have experienced urinary tract infections and other health issues. However, PrettyLitter isn’t your average crystal litter. This “health-monitoring” litter takes it a step further, actually changing colors based on the pH of your cat’s urine. If their pee is overly acidic, the litter will take on a yellow or orange color, and if it’s too alkaline, it may turn blue. Additionally, if there’s blood present in their urine, the litter will turn red. Pretty Litter reviews a way for pet owners to get a heads-up on urinary or kidney issues.

It is also a crystal litter, which usually creates less dust than clay litter. PrettyLitter is an attempt to resolve this problem. This cat litter goes a step beyond average cat litter by detecting chemicals in your feline’s urine. Some of these chemicals are connected to specific health problems.

Once you have a subscription or have additional orders. It can take up to 30 days to receive your order within the US. Example – I placed my 2nd order on 9/10, as of 9/19 it hasn’t been shipped, there’s no time frame. When I contacted customer service, last week, they said it should ship in a day or two. It’s unfortunate their shipping policy is misleading, it should state for first-time customers only. Not only that, you can do expedited shipping on your 1st order & cannot do expedited shipping on any other orders, per customer service.

There is no official free trial offered for new customers any longer, but Pretty Litter is currently offering a 30-day risk-free guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the product for any reason, Pretty Litter will issue a full refund. Additionally, you may be able to find coupons and promotional codes online to further decrease the overall cost of Pretty Litter.

In the past, I’ve used both corn- and clay-based cat litter. Both types of litter had their benefits — easy to scoop, affordably priced, and the clay litter worked well with my Litter Robot automatic litter box. However, I hate the dust they tend to leave behind, and the clay type definitely had that clay litter box smell . If you’re wondering whether PrettyLitter actually does what it claims, the answer is yes—it will change color based on the pH of your cat’s urine.

However, Countner does think a product like PrettyLitter could be useful for cats with certain medical conditions, as it can alert you to issues before they become too serious. We wanted some expert insights on the medical value of this type of litter, so we talked to Dr. Tori Countner, DVM, owner of The Balanced Pet Vet. She explained that urine pH is often one of the factors she looks at when evaluating a cat’s overall health. Thankfully, my cat, Nugget, is very chill about his bathroom situation, so he needed no convincing to switch from traditional clumping litter to PrettyLitter. And while you’ll love having that peace of mind, your cat will love how easy it is to cover his poop after he’s finished doing his business. The average subscription plan costs $22 per month, but you can get 20% off with our exclusive code DODOCAT to make it easier on your budget.

“Pretty Litter checked off every box for us … the odor control is great, no dust, and it’s impressive how much less litter is needed compared to others.” William O. I decided to let my cat Ally be the litter tester because she’s the more easy-going and curious of my two cats. She also tends to use our upstairs litter box the most, which gave me a good testing spot. And she adapts to change much better than my other cat — who, as I mentioned, often lets me know how she feels about change by peeing outside the litter box. On the Pretty Litter site, a subscription for one cat begins at $22 per month, while a subscription for three cats costs about $60 per month. You can save on your first order if you purchase enough bags for three months up-front.

However, there is a caveat that’s not obvious with this feature. Yes, it will give you a heads-up of a health problem. However, if UTIs are an issue, your pet’s vet likely won’t take the evidence of a litter color change alone. You’re not going to save any money on urine tests.

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