How to Hide Slides in Google Slides, or Unhide Them

By applying that option to a slide in Google Slides the slide will remain in the presentation, but it won’t be displayed when presenting. In 2021 and 365 versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, you now have the ability to hide or unhide the Quick Access Toolbar. So if your Quick Access Toolbar seems to have disappeared, it may simply be hidden.

It is much more time consuming to add a new slide and format your images and text onto it over and over again. This efficient tool can be used by right-clicking the slide you want to duplicate and then selecting the duplicate option underneath it. A copy of the slide will appear below it. If you see an icon that looks like an eye with a diagonal line through it on some of your slides, then that means that you have skipped slides in your presentation. Our guide continues below with additional information on hiding slides in Google Slides, including pictures of these steps.

In Google Slides, you can skip a slide without having to delete it. However, the skipped slide can still appear when you are printing handouts. Many users prefer a quick shortcut on lengthy presentations to avoid right-clicking and mixing up which slide to hide. Unfortunately, Google Slides doesn’t grant that option.

Most of the time, you’ll want to hide certain slides in a presentation. Hiding a slide prevents it from appearing during the presentation or when printing your presentation. If you are interested to learn about how to hide a slide in google slides hislide tips, please follow the link below. First, scroll through the slide navigation pane to find the hidden slide you want to unhide and “Right Click” on the hidden slide to open a dropdown menu.

Using this platform is the perfect way of engaging with your audience and sharing your products.

You can zoom in and out of your presentation with the Zoom shortcut. Click Zoom on the shortcut toolbar, then move the mouse cursor over your slide. The cursor will change to a magnifying class with a plus sign inside of it. Now you can left-click to zoom in or right-click to zoom out. Press Escape on your keyboard to return your cursor to normal.

Making decisions when you need to add a new slide is very crucial. You cannot forget about your speaker notes, too. If you add speaker notes for your Google Slides presentations, you may have noticed that it is never a good idea to have hundreds of words written there. But if your content needs much explanation, you can’t explain everything in two words.

The marked slide will have an orange border. Google Slides is already feature-rich, allowing for plenty of activities to be completed on the program. “Playing” with the slides is only one of the options available. You can choose any handout option from the drop-down menu. In this example, we’ll choose Handout – 9 slides per page. After you’ve skipped the slide, let’s print a handout to have as an overview.

Finally, you can edit the handout layout and click on the “Print” option to print out the Google Slides handouts including the skipped slides. If you want to show a hidden slide in the presentation view, you can unhide it. Unhiding a slide in Google Slides is just as simple as hiding it. From the slide navigation pane, select the slide you want to hide and then “Right Click” on the slide to open a dropdown menu. You can also select any slide, go to the toolbar and click the “+” button, located in the top-left corner of the screen.

Similarly, you can press the “Right Arrow” button on your keyboard to open the next slide. The first step is to click on the “File” tab from the ribbon to open the dropdown menu. Click on the “File” tab from the ribbon, located at the top of your screen. Once you have successfully hidden a slide, you should notice that the slide has become a bit transparent. Furthermore, a crossed-out eye icon now appears on the slide.

Right-click the slide that you want to unhide. In the Navigation pane on the left, right-click the slide that you want to hide. Now that all the basics are covered, it should be reasonably straightforward, creating your first Google Slide presentation. The app comes with many other options and tools to develop your presentation. Through using these options and tools, you will explore and discover as you use the Google Slides app more and more to create a professional, good quality presentation.

Thus, the slide will be hidden from the presentation. When you’re ready to show the slides you’ve hidden or skipped, you can follow the same process as above to unhide them. You’ll then see the icon with the eye and line on each slide you skipped. These slides do not display when you present your slideshow. Our hidden slide will show the same eye with a bar crossing over it. To undo this config, right-click again and uncheck the Skip Slide option.

To hide slides in Google Slides, you just need to right-click on it. This will remove the check mark next to the Skip slide option, and should also remove the eye with the line through it. If you are using Presenter View, the audience won’t see thumbnails before you select the slide.

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